Eric Schmidt Former Google CEO to leave Alphabets board

Eric Schmidt former google ceo

Photo by Axel Schmidt/Getty Images

Eric Schmidt will leave Alphabet’s board this June, after holding a chair for 18 years. His departure comes just over a year after Schmidt resigned from his job as Alphabet’s executive chairman — it also comes as Google struggles with inner turmoil over its participation with US military contracts, a possible company in China, and reported cover-ups of sexual misconduct.

Schmidt has been a vital presence at Google during his time with the business. He took a board seat in 2001 when he was made CEO of Google — a job he was given basically to lend company experience to what company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were building. At the start of 2018, he stepped down from that job and became a regular board member.

At a press release now, Alphabet declared that Schmidt wouldn’t seek reelection to the board when his term is up, on June 19th. Alphabet says he’ll continue being a”technical adviser” to the company, a role he has had since last year.

Schmidt said he would be stepping down to assist” the next generation of the ability to function.” He said he’d be teaching more, working in his philanthropic organisation, Schmidt Futures, and with his position as a technical adviser to”coach Alphabet and Google businesses/tech.”

While Schmidt played a vital role in Google getting the behemoth, it is today, and his presence might have been a less valued one more recently. The report contained details of a $150 million payout to Android founder Andy Rubin amid a sexual misconduct inquiry. Schmidt was afterwards named in a lawsuit accusing the business of covering up harassment by numerous executives.

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