Is Steph Curry A Hall Of Famer

Is Steph Curry A Hall Of Famer. If curry retired today, he would be too. That’s what stephen curry does.

Michael Jordan Steph Curry is not a hall of famer yet Esquire Middle
Michael Jordan Steph Curry is not a hall of famer yet Esquire Middle from

In fact, let’s take a. Personally i think curry needs maybe 2 or 3 more years at this level to solidify his place as a first ballot hall of famer. But curry is “not a hall of famer yet.”.

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I don’t, however, feel he is a first ballot hall of famer at this point in his career, though. When craig melvin asked if steph curry should be offended that he isn't on mj's list, jordan replied. Well, curry was, and he admitted it was the first thing he asked jordan about in the interview.

The Most Glaring Argument For His Hall Of Fame Bid Is The Sheer Volume At Which He Hits Three Pointers.

These were the first signs of steph curry becoming a hall of famer. He's still a great player. But that's what rome does.

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The best season, which ultimately guarantees curry a hall of fame was 2015/16. He would get in if something tragic cut his career short and he had a good story. And steph and i are friends — we were at davidson college at the same time.

If He Ricky William'ed It He Would Not Get In.

Steph curry is unequivocally the best shooter ever, it’s not even a debate. We used to hang out before parties, kick. It’s not called the “hall of very good,” it’s the hall of fame, meaning the best of the best.

And I Thought Rome Made Was At Too Big A Deal About It.

Curry, in just six and a half seasons, has hit 1,380 threes. So said nba legend michael jordan in an interview with craig melvin that aired tuesday on nbc’s “today” show. “that was the first question, and they just edited it out,” curry jokingly told the athletic's david aldridge and marcus thompson iii on the hoops, adjacent podcast.